Better Brainstorming

Do you dread brainstorming sessions?  The idea behind them is very simple, yet often unfulfilling.  The intention is to bring the team together to come up with as many ideas as possible to solve a problem.  Unfortunately, there are inherent flaws in the brainstorming process that can short circuit the process.  So is there a way to do better brainstorming?

people sitting beside brown wooden desk near flat screen tv

A recent article at the web site ScienceNordic provides some possible ways to brainstorm better.  The author, Lukasz Andrzej Derdowski writes that the following approaches have proven to be successful:

“Companies that implement a brainstorming method instruct their employees to abstain from criticism during the exercise so as to avoid ‘evaluation apprehension’. Yet others prefer to conduct electronic brainstorming sessions where participants share ideas on computer platforms without having to wait for their turn, and so alleviate the ‘production blocking issue.’”

Read the rest of the article on the ScienceNordic web site.

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