Bad Choices

The word “algorithm” has a mysterious quality to it, as if only someone with an advanced degree in mathematics on computer science can understand its meaning.  However, an algorithm is actually a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. In fact, we use algorithms every day to make decisions in life, but we just don’t know it.

Inbadchoices his recent book, Bad Choices: How Algorithms can Help you Think Smarter and Live Happier, author Ali Almossawi cleverly and playful employs basic logic to solve real world daily task problems such as organizing socks, quickly finding your size in a rack of clothes, knowing when to visit the store for supplies, and solve a maze. Almossawi states:

“It is my hope that this book impresses on you the ability to better think about decisions throughout your life and better understand what trade offs they come with. … Much like critical thinking, algorithmic thinking is a highly capable tool that has the potential to impact behavior for the better.”

Pick up a copy of Bad Choices at your local library.

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