Discipline Over Default

brianknightThe quest for greater efficiency and productivity in our work is a noble endeavor.  However, in every quest there is an obstacle in the way of success.  In this case, it is our own unconscious default behavior that sabotages our best efforts at change and keeps us stuck at square one.

In a recent blog post, Brian Kight of Focus 3 describes the difference between a disciplined way of thinking versus a default way and how adopting the former can help you achieve your goals.

“Discipline over default means thinking and acting discipline-driven rather than default-driven, a core practice of our training. The unfortunate fact is that most people behave default-driven and don’t even realize it. Choosing to be discipline-driven over default-driven isn’t a one-time decision, it’s an everyday decision. … Default is the enemy of discipline. It’s the self-perpetuating chasm between you and your goals, and that should frustrate you.

Read the rest of the Focus 3 blog post to learn more about how engage in a more discipline-driven approach to work and life.

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