Going the Distance to Mind Like Water

(Sorry for the delay in postings due to Hurricane Irma.)

gtdcoverLet’s be blunt, your head is a crappy office space.  In the moment, it can be very seductive to believe that you can remember anything that comes across your plate.  In practice, our minds drop important items regularly.  That is why a system that takes the burden of remembering off your mind is very important.  In a recent blog post, David Allen reflects on this point:

There is a light-year of difference between a system that has merely a lot of our stuff objectified, and one that has 100%. Few people have experienced what I’m talking about, because there are few people who have ever gotten to a 100% empty head—absolutely every project, action item, and potential commitment we have made with ourselves and others externalized in an easily reviewable format.

Read the rest of the post at the GTD Blog.

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