The Terrifying Cost of “Free” Websites

adamruinsfacebookHave you ever wondered how Facebook can provide you with free services just by signing up?  Or how Google can afford to run the world’s largest search engine without you ever directly paying them a dime?  In a hilarious yet scary video homage to the Matrix movies, comedian Adam Conover dispels widespread misconceptions about the real cost of “free” online services in his popular series “Adam Ruins Everything.”

If that video scared you, I am proud to share that the public library is one of the few institutions that works hard to protect your privacy.  You may not know that Florida State Statute 257.261 protects your borrowing record from prying eyes.  Librarians as a profession protect our member’s confidentiality so that you can borrow any item you wish without anyone else knowing.

Of course, if you want to post photos of books you are reading to Instagram, we won’t stop you …

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