A Manifesto of Human-Centered Work

forteIn the past I have pointed to the work of Tiago Forte who is a serious thinker around cutting edge ideas of productivity in the workplace and life.  While his web site this past year went largely behind a subscription pay wall, he recently freely posted his Manifesto for Human-Centered Work, which is well worth the read.  Below is one of his beliefs:

I believe productivity is an excellent sandbox for life.

Anything worth doing, and especially anything we have to do, is worth doing well. Productivity makes an excellent sandbox because it operates according to the same principles found in any other area of life.

And it leaks — success in productivity is easily translated to success elsewhere. If we want to free up time and energy to pursue what matters to us, it’s a good idea to start by streamlining the boring but necessary activities we have to do to get by.

Read the full Manifesto at: https://praxis.fortelabs.co/a-manifesto-of-human-centered-work-76060e51d0c8

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