Where Do Tasks Live?

officeyogaYears ago I was a certified yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition.  I was drawn to yoga as a way to find centering, peace, and health in my life.  Perhaps one of the reasons that GTD has always connected for me is that it takes the ancient wisdom from the mountaintop and brings it straight to the modern office.  I recently came across this great quote from a Raja Yoga school of wisdom that clearly demonstrates the reason why it is important to get things out of your head and to bring them to completion in a timely manner.

“A task left undone remains undone in two places – at the actual location of the task, and inside your head. Incomplete tasks in your head consume the energy of your attention as they gnaw at your conscience. They siphon off a little more of your personal power every time you delay. No need to be a perfectionist, that’s debilitating in an imperfect world, but it’s good to be a completionist. If you start it, finish it – or forget it.” – Brahma Kumaris

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