Over the past four years of my GTD practice, I have found that the most challenging idea to consistently apply is keeping an up-to-date project list.  David Allen has often stated that this is the hardest list to maintain, but conversely one of the most important to keep.  Below is an excerpt from an article he wrote a few years ago:

projectlist“People started keeping calendars a century ago. Why? Because life’s time-based commitments got more complex than they could trust their mind to manage. If you think that a Projects list is unnecessary, then throw away your calendar and trust life will just let you know what you should be doing, in the moment. Good luck. If you decide you need a calendar, then keep a list of your projects you’re committed to completing, as well as appointments to keep. Otherwise you’re intellectually dishonest.”

Read the rest of the article on the Getting Things Done web site.

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