Revisionist History

What do basketball free throw shooting, the Toyota acceleration crisis, and College campus food have in common?  They are all topics on Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast, Revisionist History.  As the podcast web site describes, “Over the course of 10 episodes, Revisionist History goes back and reinterprets something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.”

gladwellIf you enjoyed reading Malcolm bestselling books like I did, then this is a podcast for you.  As described on the web site: “He has explored how ideas spread in the Tipping Point, decision making in Blink, the roots of success in Outliers, and the advantages of disadvantages in his latest book David and Goliath. In his latest project, Revisionist History, Gladwell examines the way the passage of time changes and enlightens our understanding of the world around us.”

So if you are on the road or in the air this holiday season, why not take a break from the endless Christmas music and listen to some thought-provoking Revisionist History.

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