Right to Read Day

It is a sad but true fact that some people consider reading to be a dangerous activity. Of course, history is full of examples where repressive regimes have sought to prevent their citizens from reading certain books, even going as far as burning them! (The books usually, but sometimes the reader as well.) When this takes place, it is essential that all who value learning and literature fight for the freedom to read.

The American Library Association has been America’s leading champion in the fight against censorship. This year for National Library Week, they have declared today to be the Right to Read Day. As they explain on their website:

The Monday of National Library Week – April 24, 2023 – will mark one year since the launch of the Unite Against Book Bans campaign. To honor the occasion, we’re calling on readers, advocates, and library lovers to fight back against censorship in a national day of action to defend, protect, and celebrate your right to read freely. We’re calling it Right to Read Day.

On the same day, the American Library Association will release its list of the Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2022. The list follows ALA’s recent unveiling of data showing record-shattering attempts to remove books from school and public libraries, and it shows us what types of books are being challenged the most and why.

It’s also a call to action.

Join us on #RightToReadDay and beyond by participating in the actions below to support your library and defend the freedom to read in your community.

Do you want to help protect the freedom to read as an essential human right? Learn the five steps that you can do today or any day to fight for the right to read.

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