Readers Choice Feature Article Contest

PL-NOV-DEC-2017-cover-artRRRThe other day I received the following email from Public Libraries Magazine regarding my article, Efficient Librarianship, a New Path for the Profession:

I’m writing to let you know that a feature article you contributed to “Public Libraries” in 2017 has been chosen to participate in the annual ‘readers choice’ feature article award. Five articles have been chosen and readers will vote for the article they feel should receive the award. The prize is $300 which is presented during the PLA member breakfast at the ALA Annual Conference.

You can see more here Please feel free to share and encourage voting among your friends and colleagues.  Thanks so much for sharing this great work with our readers!


Kathleen M. Hughes
Editor, Public Libraries
Manager, Publications

PLA, division of ALA

I encourage everyone to participate in the online poll, irregardless of whom you vote for.  If my article is selected, I plan to donate the prize money to our library partners, The Friends of the Palm Beach County Library System.

The deadline to cast your vote is this Friday, June 1.

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