Efficient Librarianship: A New Path for the Profession

PL-NOV-DEC-2017-cover-artRRRI am proud to announce that my second article for Public Libraries magazine was published in the Nov/Dec 2017 issue. Efficient Librarianship: A New Path for the Profession is an article that explores and expands on the ideas discussed in this blog.  Below is a key except from the article:

“An Efficient Librarian is an elite knowledge worker navigating the complexity of the post Internet information world.  She combines the skill sets of a librarian with the best productivity and efficiency practices to become a powerful consultant and decision maker.  She masters the ability to traverse the streams of information flowing throughout our increasingly digital world and then in turn helps others learn these skills.  To start on the path, an Efficient Librarian recognizes and masters three types of engagement:

  1. Defining and organizing personal workflow systems
  2. Developing personal knowledge management skills
  3. Invoking the power of “next action” thinking

By mastering each type, an Efficient Librarian reduces unnecessary stress, brings focus to her work, curates her own knowledge stores, and drives sustained momentum for positive change.”

I expect the full article to be available online at the Public Libraries magazine web site later this month.  In the meantime, locate a paper copy, perhaps at your local library, to read the rest of the article.  Then please let me know your thoughts on the topic by submitting a comment through the blog.

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