An AI Answers Second Brain Questions

Every day we heard of a new use for AI. Whether it is to assist with travel planning, exercise routines, or writing resumes, the applications seem without end. In prior postings I shared experiments with the most famous AI on the block right now, ChatGPT. However, it is not the only one out there. In fact, people are feeding content into other AIs as a way to help the system learn and grow.

An example I came across recently was from Tiago Forte. He took an AI and feed it the contents of his book, Building a Second Brain. Next, he set up a simple interface to allow users to ask the AI questions about the book.

Here’s what happened when the AI is asked the sample question, What is Building a Second Brain about?

Answer: Building a Second Brain is about how to use technology to revolutionize personal effectiveness. It provides a system for organizing information holistically, for any project or goal, and for easily and generously sharing it with others.

To test it further, I asked it to define PARA.

Answer: PARA is a productivity system developed by Tiago Forte that helps knowledge workers organize their work and resources into four categories: Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. It is designed to help users quickly access the information they need and keep their workspace uncluttered.

Finally, I decided to ask it a more challenging question: What is the best way to save video content in a Second Brain?

Answer: The best way to save video content in a Second Brain is to take notes while watching the video, distilling the key points and ideas into concise summaries. This will make it easier to quickly rediscover the information in the future. Additionally, it is important to store the video in an easily accessible format, such as a bookmark or link.

Overall, I found these responses to be on point. However, maybe you can ask it a question about Building a Second Brain that will stump it. To try for yourself by jumping over to the AI website.

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