Get Organized With P.A.R.A.

forte“Imagine for a moment the perfect organizational system. One that supported and enhanced the work you do, telling you exactly where to put a piece of information, and exactly where to find it when you needed it. … I believe I’ve developed a system for organizing digital information that meets all these requirements. After several years of introducing it to a wide variety of people, I’m confident that it works. In this post I will attempt to show you how.”

With those words, Tiago Forte introduces readers to the P.A.R.A. method of organization.  The system name is short for its four constituent components:

  • Projects
  • Areas
  • Resources
  • Archives

Although most of Tiago’s blog is members only access, he recently made this very popular post free for all to view.   Be aware that this post is the first in a series, so membership would be needed to see beyond it.  However, this one stands as a full overview on its own, which is why I highly recommend the read.

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