The Digital Productivity Pyramid

The 21st Century has seen the rise of the modern knowledge worker.  While a recognition of knowledge work was expressed by Peter Drucker as early as 1959, the creation of the Internet, mobile computing, and cloud-based technologies has moved knowledge work into a brand new frontier.  The challenge is how does a knowledge worker succeed in this new space?

Tiago Forte has deeply examined this problem.  In a recent blog post, Tiago introduces the Digital Productivity Pyramid that maps out the five skill stages that a successful knowledge worker needs to master.  He writes:

forte“Imagine if we had a learning curriculum for modern knowledge work.

“This curriculum would reliably produce elite performers, training them in the fundamental skills required to thrive in the digital age. It would impart concrete skills that could be generalized to any kind of knowledge work, not just one discipline or career path. …

“The Pyramid shows how higher-order productivity skills build upon and extend lower-order skills. It shows how each skill can be leveraged using a particular kind of digital technology,”

To learn more about these five stages, visit this post at Fortelabs.

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