Where to Keep Ideas?

DA-SmallDavid Allen is fond of saying that “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”  As a knowledge worker, your ability to generate and implement ideas is crucial to your success.  The challenge is that we can never know for certain what will turn out to be a good idea and what will end up as a discarded thought.  However, it is guaranteed that a forgotten idea will never be implemented.  Therefore, it is important to have a method to capture ideas as they appear.

In a recent blog post, David Allen addresses this topic.

“How many thoughts and ideas do you have daily which represent useful things to do or potentially enhance or improve projects, situations, and life in general? How many have you had and forgotten, and forgotten that you’ve forgotten? …

“Most people have (or could have) many more of these kinds of thoughts than they realize, during the course of any 24-hour period. Most people don’t get value from many of them, because they lack both the habit and the tools to collect those thoughts when they occur. If they aren’t captured, they are useless, and even worse can add to the gnawing sense of anxiety most people feel about things “out there” they know they’ve told themselves they should or would like to do, but don’t remember consciously what they are.”

Read the rest of this post at www.gettingthingsdone.com.

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