New Guidelines on Passwords


Passwords are an unfortunate reality of our online lives. With the average person having multiple accounts for everything from email, credit cards, shopping sites, and more, and each one requiring a different password to protect it. In the past, the guidelines for passwords instructed people to string together complex sets of characters that were often hard to remember on the assumption that it would be more secure. However, new research shows otherwise. A recent NPR story explains why:

“The traditional guidance is actually producing passwords that are easy for bad guys and hard for legitimate users,” says Paul Grassi, senior standards and technology adviser at NIST, who led the new revision of guidelines.

The organization suggests keeping passwords simple, long and memorable. Phrases, lowercase letters and typical English words work well, Grassi tells NPR’s Audie Cornish. Experts no longer suggest special characters and a mixture of lower and uppercase letters. And passwords never need to expire.”

Read the full article on the NPR web site. Then create a new project titled “simplify my passwords” to start making better, safer passwords for yourself.

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