What is an Efficient Librarian?

stackswithlightBelow is an section from an article I have submitted to Public Libraries magazine on the concept of The Efficient Librarian. I intend to expand on this topic in future posts.
The role of a library worker has changed due to the twin disruptions of the Internet and diminished budgets.  With more information available from our smart devices than can be contained in our physical collections, we are no longer the guardians and gatekeepers of knowledge.  With less money available, setting clear budget priorities is essential.  We are in a period of professional re-evaluation where we cannot afford to be passive observers.  We must actively lead the change.
An Efficient Librarian is an elite knowledge worker navigating the complexity of the post Internet information world.  She combines the skill sets of a librarian with the best productivity and efficiency practices to become a powerful consultant and decision maker.  To start on the path, an Efficient Librarian recognizes and masters three types of engagement:
  1. Defining and organizing personal workflow systems
  2. Identifying and making improvements to their organization’s service chains
  3. Invoking the power of “next action” thinking
By mastering each type, an Efficient Librarian is able to reduce unnecessary stress, bring focus to her work, create stronger organizational systems around her, and drive sustained momentum for positive change.

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