Meaning of Discipline

The word discipline conjures up many emotions.  For some, it is a negative word denoting punishment or strictness.  For others it seems stark and foreboding, like being stuck in a hard, joyless routine.  However, discipline is also a positive force and something that everyone needs to succeed.

brianknightIn his blog, Brian Knight of the company Focus 3, breaks down the origins of the word:

“The word “disciple” comes from the Latin word discipulus meaning “student”. Most people believe a disciple is a follower, probably because of the religious context, but in reality it means student. A disciple is (and I’ll make up a word here) a *studier*.

The word “discipline” is from the Latin word disciplina meaning “instruction and training”. It’s derived from the root word discere — “to learn.”

So what is discipline? Discipline is to study, learn, train, and apply a system of standards.”

For Brian, having discipline means having more choice, control, and better options in your life.  To learn more, read his blog entry on the Focus 3 web site.

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