Are You Overdue for a Weekly Review

overtop-desk-photoWhen did you last do a complete weekly review?  Work life moves fast, so it is important to take time to reflect on what has happened and what is coming soon.  The weekly review is a valuable opportunity to tidy up loose ends, assess progress, and prepare for the upcoming week and months ahead.  It allows for a refocusing of attention onto the things that matter instead of the latest and loudest.

A few tips for a successful weekly review:

  • Schedule it for the last day of your work week in order to enter your weekend with a clear head.
  • Block out 1-2 hours.  Close the door and ask your colleagues to honor this time of solitude.
  • Get clear – Process any last minute items that have found their way into your inbox  and do a quick mind sweep to empty out anything found only in your head to get it into your system
  • Get current – Tidy up your action folders, identity outstanding waiting for items, review your calendar going two weeks back and then as far forward as necessary.
  • Get creative – Review your someday/maybe folder for new projects to trigger, peruse your read/review pile, and reflect on the higher horizons of focus to gain perspective on your work.

To modify an old saying, a weekly review today keeps workplace stress away.  Try it and experience the difference it makes.

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