Are You Micromanaging Your Mind?

One of the greatest challenges in setting up a new organizational system is the transition to trusting it.  Yet it is hard to trust a new system until it has proven itself.  This is often a Catch 22 that tends to result in the return to old habits and systemsdavidallen.

In his most recent blog post, David Allen highlights this challenge.

“If you don’t fully trust your personal systems, you are likely to be dedicating inappropriate and unnecessary mental attention to details and content, often with a resultant negative emotional component. You’ll feel pulled, overwhelmed, and often like you’re close to losing control.

“But you can’t trust your system until it’s trust-worthy. When is that? When you know you have captured all your commitments, clarified what you’re intending to do about them, decided the actions you need to take about them, and have parked reminders of those actions in places that you know you’ll look, where and when you need to.”

Read the full blog post at


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