The Four “D”s of Action

It is a basic truth that in order to get things done, action of some kind is required.  Often times we fail to take action due to uncertainty about the exact nature of the action that is required.  However, it is not as complicated as it seems.  For anything that comes into your world, you have only four options on how to respond:

  • office-deskDelete It – Get rid of the item as quickly as possible.
  • Do It – Complete the action as soon as possible. The Two Minute Rule applies here.
  • Delegate It – Send the action along to another person for action.  Delegation can be in any organizational direction – up, down, sideways, etc.
  • Defer It – Store a reminder of the action on the appropriate list to do when time, space, and energy permit.

Run every actionable item through the GTD workflow diagram, found on page 37 of the new edition of Getting Things Done.  You will end up at one of the four “D”s when you do so.  Faithfulness to this process will help bring clarity to your work and increase productivity.  Have fun!

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