The Power of the Next Action Decision

How many of your projects are currently languishing?  They are the projects that have a layer of dust on them that you are reluctant to brush off.  It is easy to fall into inaction.  This can happen when life becomes so hectic that the plethora of input leads to a cognitive shutdown.  It can also happen at the other end of the spectrum when life is too slow and inertia has infiltrated the system.  Both states are less than desirable.

gray-stone-advisors-man-jumping-over-gap-sunsetOne way to move a project forward is to pose a simple question – what is the next action?  Each project on your plate requires a physical action to move it forward, such as making a phone call, writing an email, drafting a memo, walking down the hall to visit HR, cleaning a cabinet, etc.  The question forces you to get real about the project by making it solid and tangible in your mind.  It can create momentum that will move the project to completion.

For more information, I highly recommend reading Chapter 12 of Getting Things Done.  Titled “The Power of the Next Action Decision,” David Allen states that “When a culture adopts ‘What’s the next action?’ as a standard operating query, there’s an automatic increase in energy, productivity, clarity and focus.”

So after reading this post, what is your next action?

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