The Weekly Review is Recovery

Have you done a weekly review recently?  While it is common to face resistance when starting the review, it is very unusual for someone to regret doing it when it is over.  Below is a great quote from one of David Allen’s senior coaches that puts the weekly review in perspective:

gtd-logo“I was taking a cycling class one time and the instructor made a comment that intrigued me.  Between intense bursts of climbing hills she said, ‘recovery builds confidence and strength.’  Whereas part of me wanted to keep a fast pace and just keep going, I took her advice, slowed my speed down to rest my legs and heart.  I was stronger on the next hill I climbed. OK–so you knew there’d be something GTD in this: the Weekly Review is recovery.  It’s my time to relax my mind and body from the frantic pace of the daily grind.  It builds confidence in my system letting my mind know it’s OK to relax and be creative.  It gives me mental strength to make better choices because I’m seeing a clear picture of everything instead of chasing after latest and loudest.”
– Kelly Forrister, Senior Coach & Presenter with The David Allen Company

Refresh your knowledge on the five stages of workflow, of which the weekly review is number four, at:


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